Goddess and the witch in our dreams - Workshop on Sunday, 5 March

Description: Is there a goddess and a witch in each one of us? How does this manifest in our dreams? Can we connect to to this powerful energy and learn to use it to our benefit? In this workshop we will explore dreams that connect us to our deep positive and negative inner resources and see how we can recognise and embrace them to live a more satisfying life.

  1. Kali, the dark goddess of transformation and acceptance - We will take a look at the many different faces of this fierce and uncompromising Indian goddess and how her energy manifests in our dreams and our waking life;
  2. The witch - from Snow-White's stepmother to Hecate - We will consider how the symbolism of the witch with its positive and negative aspects resonates in our dreams and our waking life;
  3. Live dream group session - You can send us your dreams in advance so that we can give you our thoughts and projections on them during the session.
Date: Sunday, 5 March - 12 March 2017

Time: 6 - 10pm AUS Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney - Australia) or 8am - 12pm Central European Time (Central Europe)  - If you are from another region please consult worldtimebuddy.com for your local time

Venue: This workshop has two parts: one four-hour live online session and an email based dream group which will be available to participants for one week. This will give you an opportunity to share your dreams, receive projections on them and connect with other participants.

Fee: This time one fee only: AU$70. Your payment will be processed in your local currency by PayPal.

What you'll need: You will need a computer with a camera and broadband internet connection.  When you register you will be sent an invitation and a link from which you can join our live meeting.
Please make sure your equipment is working before the session begins.

Would you like to attend but the date/time doesn't suit you? Please contact us and let us know what times would suit you better.

Recording: If there is enough interest we will record the session and make it available for those who cannot attend at the given time.