Working Creatively with Dreams - Workshop on 28 April

This online workshop will explore your dreams through creative methods, to deepen your understanding of your dreams and carry its message through to your life.  No art skill is required.  This is not about how well you can draw, but about allowing you to express your dreams in novel ways.

Drawing our dreams in a simple manner can allow our psyche to reveal visual symbols to us.  This can help us deepen our relationship to, and our understanding of the dream.  It can also help us tap into and harness our creative energy for our lives.

We are especially delighted to have a guest presenter for this workshop!  Fiona Reynolds from London will be joining us!

  1. An online workshop exploring the use of creativity to explore dreams.  Several demonstrations will be shown of how simple image making can help give new insights into a dream.
  2. A creative time, so that you get the chance to draw your dreams.  This is not about how well you can draw, but about giving your creativity the chance to reveal new dream insights for you.
  3. As a group, we will explore the images and the dreams to hopefully give you a fresh understanding of your dream, and release new potential energy for your life.
  4. After our live workshop, we will have a closed dream group for one week, so that all participants can deepen their dream work, share discussions and insights.

Date/Time: 28 April 2017 - 5 May 2017
LIVE workshop on 28 April 2017: 9.30am - 1pm GMT (London)
                                                       10.30am - 2pm Central European Time
                                                        6.30pm - 10pm AU Eastern Daylight Time, Sydney, 
                                                        (check for your area)

Online dream group from 28 April 2017 - 5 May 2017

What you need:
A computer with camera and internet access.
Simple art materials - this could be a pen and paper, or coloured pencils or pastels or anything else...your choice!

Cost: AU$70 if you pay before or on 24 April, $85 after 24 April. Your payment will be safely processed by PayPal in your local currency.

We look really forward to having you join us for this creative and interactive dream work experience.